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EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Orthotic

An orthotic made of closed-cell foam available in a range from medium (40 durometer) to firm (70 durometer) density, delivering lightweight, comfortable and compliant orthotic. The orthotic provides full foot contact with functional, shock absorbing material. It is precision crafted using digital modeling and CNC milling machines.


Orthotic Production and Scanning

Orthogenic iPad Scanner: Non-weight bearing 3D volumetric cast in subtalar neutral using an infrared structured light scanner producing an image. The resulting image is skived via extensive modeling software, where the necessary adjustments and corrections are made. Upon completion of the digital modeling process by the Pedorthist, the information is sent to a Precision CAD/CAM Carving Mill to produce the orthotic. A top cover is then glued to the orthotic and trimmed to fit.